Friday, June 29, 2012

June 29.

Five weeks to go. Do you know how fast five weeks goes?? I mean, I've been home for three and it feels like a couple days!

(Also, blowing my mind that I've been home for three weeks! Shite, time moves so much faster up and over the hill!)

I'm in Perth today. Yeah, sorry to my little sis, Mim, never did get lunch to catch up with you. No, instead I was booking my tickets. My airline tickets. With five weeks to spare. That is organisation at its finest!
However, it all went fine, no little pop-ups telling me I wasn't allowed in the country! Okay, truth to come out, I didn't do it. I sat back looking pretty while my mumma did the talking. Sorry, I lie again. I sat back looking pretty texting Courtney while my mumma did the talking! I am so lazy!

(Probably for the best. The agent pissed me off with five minutes of sitting down so I probably would have never of got them booked if not for Mum!) 
I've only got a few more things to organise before I go, travel insurance, clothes, packing, stuff like that. It seems so close but still so far away!
Maybe not that far away...

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