Friday, March 30, 2012

And it begins.

I know I’m strange, but I scare myself even with this one.

This is a seed from which so many things grow. Persistence is the fertile soil it’s planted in. Thousands of words, thrown together in garbled sentences, is the water that breaks its shell. Chance and more than a little luck pushes the tiniest of green shoots through. Early mornings and long hours pulls the roots down further, anchoring it, stabilising it. Laughter, cursing and blaring music makes the first leaves unfold; three people in fluorescent shirts, its sun. 

The summer that fell into place.

By the time it becomes a sapling, the seed doesn’t matter anymore; we focus for the tree. We forget that this time between the not there yet and it’s over creates the layers and rings that makes it so much more interesting.

To watch this:                                                                              

Become this:

To feel and have to control that bubbling excitement of maybe. The excitement smells sweet. The fear shades the ground when the sun gets too bright. I've spent more hours than I think possible scouting the Internet for more information. Always more. Words have brought me to my feet. A sentence took my breath away.

Congratulations on your acceptance.

Somewhere in the past year, my life began to revolve around this. I have made friendships that kept me entertained and sane over this summer, employed by CBH, missing those people terribly when suddenly we’re not spending 11+ hours a day in a 20-foot vicinity of each other.

For a semester that was more focused on paperwork for exchange and not to do with my degree. For hours of chatter in the back of the library on a Wednesday, fighting with the wireless network, developing another friendship that inspired a choice to follow the same path as me. For my ability to help lead down that path.

I wrote one word in the orientation session that started all this. Overseas. It was in regards to where ECU could take me. Just over a year later, I'm getting confirmation that I'm going overseas. 

From all the ‘coincidences’, to its consistent simplicity; I cannot doubt this.

I stopped saying please, and started saying thank you

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