Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 4th.

Ok, so most who are reading this will know the faith I have in the power of positive thinking and the notion of thanks.
Well, I do!
It’s just a little quirk of mine.
Like how I don’t believe in coincidences.
Certain people or situations come into my life for a reason.

Moving away from the psychology lesson, here’s the story. Yesterday, the 3rd of April, I got a forwarded email from Mum to say that I needed to pay my bond for the UNC living arrangements. So, I got on the phone to Mumma, got her credit card deets (thank you Mummy!) and paid it, with the outcome being that I could finally pick a room! Eeep! -- girly squeal here --

I got onto the housing site, printed out the instructions (that I never actually followed) and went to book a room. Only it wouldn’t let me. You all know that not being able to do something, right then, when I want to do it, frustrates the hell out of me. I fiddled with my roommate preferences for about an hour, thinking maybe I’d done something wrong, before succumbing to defeat and emailing the CIE (Centre of International Education a.k.a. blessed, wonderful people). Then, cursing the time difference. Cause it was 10 am here… but 8 at night there… suck! So then I waited.

I checked my email late that night to see if I had anything from the CIE, but nothing!

This morning I was up and at ‘em early… Amy was picking me up at ten-past-seven to carpool to Uni, so I didn’t have time to check emails before I left the house. When I called her at 7.15… she was still in bed, asleep. But, that’s another story you can bug Amy about! Laugh at her, please.
We got to Uni at around 8.30, just in time for the third person of our little eco trip, Sam, to get to class, but plenty of time to boot up my computer and, you guessed it, check ma emails. And, sure enough, there was one sitting patiently for me ready to open. Apparently, my room was being organised for me. 
Funny, could have mentioned that!

--Sad face-- to --happy face-- when I saw what room I got. I hate heights; it runs in the family. But I love living up high. I learnt that little treasure when I was living at the ECU Village, here in Perth, last year. So, I was hoping for one of the rooms on a high floor. I’d discussed this with Mumma earlier on one of our many drives late summer. My room number is 566B in North Hall (it’s where all the exchange students go). This means I am on the 5th floor of a 6 storey building. Room 566, and offshoot B. Funny that… cause that’s just where I’d focused my energy on when I was looking at the floor plans! *Oh the wonders of this world*
My roommates name is Kaelyn Jeppson... I sent her an email this morning introducing myself… it gave me the option so I ran with it! ;) Except, I think I need to stop letting my fingers think for themselves to random strangers; I may have come off sounding a little cooky. Meh.
So thankful for all I’ve been given.
Hugs and love to all. And peace around the world.

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