Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April 18th.

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I got enrolled today.


Enrolments opened on the 13th; so I was there, on morning of the 13th… only to realise that it was still the 12th in Colorado… Mmm… right! Opps! (Back with that damn time difference!)
So, the night of the 13th here, I got down to enrolling. And I was so good! I got myself around the site just fine, took forever, but I managed it. The enrolments here compared to over in America are so different!
So much is so different!

Anyway, when I picked all my subjects, I clicked the little button that said ‘Confirm’. Thank you, very much!

But life cannot be that easy for Jessi, of course! Because all my subjects were 2nd or 3rd year subjects, they all had prerequisites on them (again, of course!). So none of them would let me enrol. I did what I normally did when life gets too hard, too late at night: moaned, shut my laptop, pushed it away, crossed my arms and sulked with my bottom lip dropped. I am so not mature enough to be heading overseas! :P

Within ten minutes I’d realised that it wasn’t going to fix itself with me just pouting about it, so again, I pulled up my email account and sent off an email to the man who’d fixed my problems before (God bless you sir!!) and waited. It just had to be a Friday, didn’t it?

In the meantime, I’d discussed my timetable wishes to my Mumma again. In case you’re wondering, we do talk. A lot! It went on something like this… ‘my first semester of my first year, I only had classes Tuesday arvo, all-day Wednesday, Thursday morning… It was heaven… I’d like to have something like that again! That way I could go exploring over my weekly long weekend…’ Well, start your engines and put on your walking shoes ‘cause we’re going exploring!

Mr Sir, who has been God-blessed above, emailed me back by today, and what a long five days it has been, refreshing my email account feverishly over the weekend with no avail. But when he did email me back, he brought good news. All the pre-req’s had been lifted! --WOOHOO!--

My lecture was thankfully very boring this morning, so there I sat with iPad at hand, re-rescheduling my timetable. Don’t worry, I looked up once or twice and nodded, very seriously, just to make it look like I was listening!… Anyway… àmore fluff à pressing confirm, and sure enough, a nice little timetable of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday popped up… And, all in the afternoon, so I can be a slobby teen again who doesn’t wake up until some god-awful hour of the afternoon and rushes off to lectures with an apple in hand for breakfast and pillow lines still on her face. (I really want to say jokes… but I know one Sophie Klem who would testify that my sleeping habits are that outrageous when they are allowed to be!) Meh.

Who's the pretty little schedule? You are! Hehe.

On another note. Kaelyn Jeppson still hasn’t replied to my email… --sniff sniff-- I’m not that weird, am I? Okay, don’t answer that!

With luvs and kisses!

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