Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1st.

I had my appointment at the US consulate today to get my American passport… cos I’m cool like that! 

(And a cheapskate… a visa was gonna cost more! Who would have thought?!)

So, that place has about as much security as an airport! And, I’m not going to lie to you, it made me just a little bit more than a little nervous a.k.a terrified! Undoubtedly, it had me on my best behaviour! 

It really didn’t help that everyone was looking at me weirdly because I’d brought my parents with me, even though I was over 18 and a legal US citizen. 

 I’m sorry that they love me and I wanted someone to hold my 

hand to see your very scary faces!!

I wasn’t even allowed to take my handbag or phone up to the actual consulate. No, only paperwork and money. My dearest belongings had to stay behind, locked up in a cell like an offending criminal… they’re innocent I tell you, INNOCENT. (Jokes! and still wondering how they picked me to represent Australia in the US?!?!) 

Any who, it was slightly covert operations-ish… and I felt like the secret service were going to come out any minute and be like ‘first daughter is leaving the building. Repeat, the first daughter is leaving the building’! (--Brain wave-- Ooo… See, I could be adopted and still be an US citizen, parents!) (Also, random fact: The First Daughter, staring Katie Holmes before she was attacked by the sleazyball, was one of approximately five DVD's the boarding house, affiliated with the school I attended in year 8, owned and would let us watch, other included 10 Things I hate about you and Blue Crush! I may have watched them a gazillion or so times...)

But, they didn’t, and my parentage held for another day (damn my non-adoption). 

Luv and Smooches…

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