Monday, September 17, 2012

September 14th, 15th, 16th.

The best thing about being an international student is how the Centre for International Education keep you occupied with things to do. The 3-day first 'away' trip we did was to a little town called Estes Park.

If you roll around the mappy thingo a bit, you'll see that Greeley, where UNC is situated, is about an hour and a half to the east. Estes Park is this little mountain town that is oh so cute!  We were staying in the YMCA cabins. They were utterly gorgeous! All wood and cabin-y! and two storeys.

With a beautiful fireplace that turned on with a flick of a switch! Oh the ease of it.

This is us all sitting around getting to know each other better.

And then we got to go outside, light the fire up and make the traditional American bonfire food of S'mores. Interesting but not fantastic.

The first taste...

Our 'Bear' bus and the beautiful mountains of Estes Park in the morning. 

Hiking. At over a mile high... yeah, my lungs aren't acclimatised enough to walk god knows how many miles, but I would say it was over 10 km in about two and a half hours of rocky goodness. It was a heap of fun and I can understand why people enjoy it so much. However, with my bad ankle and coordination, it was a little precarious.

The scenery was just so beautiful. We were powering up so much that we really didn't take it all in.

After a hard day's hiking, and shopping afterwards, we were to enjoy a lazy evening. I decided to sit outside by the burnout campfire and work on an assignment in this beautiful atmosphere when these two doe Elk came around the next cabin. Soon enough, there was this entire herd!

This little matey was a bit impressive to see!!!

Yet, as always, the fun has to end. And back to school we go!

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