Monday, September 3, 2012

September 1st

We got to head to Down-town Denver on the 1st of September. What can I say about Denver? It is beautiful! The architecture is beautiful. The correlate a combination of old and new which is spectacular. It was a trip with the CIE to got to a food festival - the street festival wasn't very good but shopping and Denver itself made up for it.
It was super hot as well so that made life a little more interesting.

Denver. Beautiful Denver.

I saw this little gem while we were walking along. I wanted to head on up and take a sneak peak but didn't get the chance... one day, one day!!  

Birthdays are something that tugs on our heart strings being so far away from home. This is Marine, she had her 21st on the 2nd of September and as a way to celebrate, we threw her a surprise party with donuts instead of a cake and French cheese and wine. Because she's French. Just sayin'.

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