Friday, September 28, 2012

September 28th.

So this is my beautiful little suitemate, Synovia Duncan. Hopefully you will be able to meet her some day. I am working on trying to convince her to come to Australia on exchange, too!

Anyway, she took us to a UNC vs Denver University game. Unfortunately we lost this game. But I did experience a fight, a puck flying straight towards my head when Sno and I sat right beside the rink, and two little boys who told me stop being such a princess for screaming when the puck smacked the glass... yeah, let me tell you how hard it was to bite my tongue and not swear at the freaking little shits! Oh, and hockey boy's smell - bad! Kind of like wet musty towels! We sat right next to entrance/exit for the visiting team and oh my gosh, smelly smelly boys!

Le fight, after the Ref had flung his body at the body and pushed everyone to the ground! Hilarious to watch.

Our Cheer Squad:
Behind: Emily, Myslef, Caitorina, Daniel, Leo. 
Front: Marine, Kathryn, An Drea, An Drea roomie (I think). 

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