Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October. Post One.

I feel like it's crazy that October has flown by so quickly. I don't know how but it has. I feel like the weeks are all blurring together. It may be because of the weekends always zooming past with parties or events. I feel like I haven't been able to stop lately!
So, I'm going to try condense all of October into one post and not cheat and back date like I've been known to do! (Hehe)
So the first weekend in October was homecoming. All this means is that our football team which had been playing away games had it's first home game since the first one they played here. This resulted in a huge celebration week which ended in a bonfire and a bonafide Homecoming dance *squee*.
The homecoming bonfire seemed to come on one of the coldest days of Fall. it was probably about -1. I was wearing jeans, a long sleeve Tee, and my lovely favourite 'little red riding hood' jacket with gloves and my beanie and ballet flats with socks (yes, a very fashionable look!). I think it was the flats where I went wrong. More and more, I am realising how science can explain things. After this I read somewhere that there is no such thing as 'cold', it's more the absence of heat. This is when I can swear that I could feel that cold in my bones, because it's true, the cold felt like it was sucking everything out of me.

The mass of people coming out to see the bonfire. Caitorina (from Ireland) is the girl in Blue.

I felt so sorry for these cheerleaders. They had long sleeve shirts on but were still only in their flippy skirts and bloomers. The boys, their bases, got the better deal, of short sleeved shirts and trackie pants. Sorry the pictures aren't fantastic, they had a silly position with that big-arse light in the background!

The stack of wood! 


The football game. As if the homecoming bonfire wasn't a cold enough event, we had the first sightings of snow for the season! Kathryn and I were wimps and left just after the first quarter because of the cold and went to drink coffee and watch Grey's Anatomy. Good times! 

Kathryn with the tineetiny bit of 'snow'

The homecoming dance. So the thing about being under 21 is that you have to be careful when and where you decide to turn up drunk to an event. The homecoming dance was one of those times. So being sober while half the people around you were maggoted was interesting to say the least! It was super fun, and I can brag that I've been to a homecoming dance but that's all I can say about it!
Emily and I at the Homecoming Dance. 
I wanted to add this little gem in. So the story goes that when Mum and Dad dropped me off at Uni, we went down to this Qdoba for lunch. These mex places do things kind of like subway and I got all confused. And the guy who was serving me could see I was all flustered-like and decided to tease me by putting on this ridiculous accent and look at me like I was crazy. So when he was finishing my burrito up, putting in the lettuce, I said 'I'm sorry, we don't have this in Australia' and he looked up at me and said, 'what? you don't have lettuce?' Yeah, he was class! Anyway, I made a 'friend' that day. So when I went back the other week he recognised me and we had a good laugh; he was impressed with my new found mexican ordering skills! There's a little smiley face on the end of the burrito that he added for me which when I presume his boss saw he not only gave the guy shit, but made me blush from head to toe! Not that that's hard! haha!

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