Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October. Post Three.

All I'm going to say is... SNOW!!!!!! Our first good snow fall! Photo's follow.

Argh, snow!!

First snowman... well, second, but the first was made in 40 degree heat and  became a puddle pretty quick! 

 Sno, my roomie, and Allison, her friend, making UNC in the snow!!

Sno and I. <3

All the snow building up on the cars. 

HALLOWEEN PUMPKINS: On the 29th of October, Karina and I carved PUMPKINS!!! So much fun and grossly messy! Om nom nom, pumpkin!

My 'Jack' Pumpkin, like from 'A nightmare before Christmas'! super fun!

Karina's kittykat Pumpkin carving! absolutely gorgeous! 

Me, being creepy and sick, with my Jack-o-lantern! (snicker snicker snort)

Alright, there's October done... bring on November!! Time is flying!

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