Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20th.

The Tracking Collar.

The Journey so far: 

LA to Manhattan, Montana; to Cody, Wyoming (through Yellowstone); to Sheridan, Wyoming; to Hot Springs, South Dakota; to Colorado Springs, Colorado; to Greeley, Colorado. All in two weeks :) 

Beware. Mass of pictures ahead with minimal explanation! :P

Canyon Ferry Lake: 

Uncle and Father. 

The creek's just over that hill...

Spanish Creek:



The Paint Pots

Beautiful Wyoming

Big Horn Mountains (drive from Yellowstone to Cody):


No need for words. 


Old old saddles. King Saddlery Museum.

OMG, right?!

Driving through Denver:

Travelling down highway 25

 My father, being the amazing man he is, as he started driving through Denver, chuckled and asked if we (Mum and I) wanted a confidence boost in him.
'This is the biggest city I've ever driven through!' 
*holds seatbelt a little tighter* 

Colorado Springs' Pike's Peak: 

Yep, that's right 14 100 feet! 

They call this The Devil's Playground. Lightning strikes the ground quite randomly and frequently. 
Watching a cloud roll in.

View was breath taking... or was that the altitude? 

Phew... that's all for now!! 
I missing you guys like crazy. Will write more soon. 

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