Friday, August 24, 2012

August 25th.

What a night!!
I want to sincerely apologise to a panic'd Jennifer. 
So we had a fire drill last night. I'm kind of used to them living in Village at ECU, it was a not an occasion when the fire alarm blared and you filled out (sometimes via the stairs, other times via the lift...). The alarm was pulled at around 11pm, just as I had shut off my light. SHIT. I had a room full of freshmen so my suite mate is furiously but gently knocking on my door, going 'Jessi, Jessi! We need to go... Jessi!'. Yep, that's good, but I am experienced. You dress. As much as we're all told to leave everything and get out, I was not leaving in my white daggy PJ pants and singlet. In less than a minute I had a my shorts back on (would have preferred my jeans, but oh well) and a long sleeved shirt in my hands. And, of course, phone in hand! 
I should have grabbed the pillow from my bed too, because we were out there for 3 hours. It was 2 am by the time we got back into our halls. Fun night! 
So, I find out later, that someone had left a piece of poly pipe filled with cement that had been used to anchor a tent on move in day (which was yesterday, yes, poor people who had just moved in and had to spend half the night on the gym floor) and a police man who patrols the campus saw it and thought it was a BOMB... yep, bomb! So we had the bomb squad in to take the 'bomb' away and they blew it up and everything was fine again. 
As much as it was a pain in the butt, I'm kind of glad to see how UNC works and how much they clamped down on a threat. It was very professional and very calm. 
Now, for the reason I'm apologising to Jennifer. I messaged her in my boredom, asking her to 'please be on [facebook]'. I mean, it was mid afternoon in Australia and I talked to Mattie for a bit, so why could she look at her phone and message me back. Well, she did, eventually, in a panic... Yeah, I should have specified why I was messaging her! :P Eep. 
Also, just a little note, nothing, and I meant nothing makes you feel unfitter than an American University Gym... It's the altitude! (We've been blaming everything on the altitude. Unfitness, sweating, hunger, exhaustion... It's all the altitude's fault!)

Okay, signing off with a few more pictures of my time here so far: 

Bowling with the CIE: 22nd August.



Yes, we named ourselves after Grease characters.
Frenchy - Marine, French exchange student, from the west side, not sure what Uni.
Sandy - Emily, Australian exchange student, also from ECU!
Risso - Kathryn, Australian exchange student from Canberra, UC.
Marty - the lovely mwah!


Our mascot

*cough cough* a red fire hydrant. Trilled me! 
 The insanity of move in day!
Doesn't quite show it here, but the lobby was packed, decided to use the stairs and was almost passing out every time I got to level 5... the altitudes fault!
(Also not pictured here, FOOTBALLERS... helping to bring in peoples stuff! How nice of them! And the stereotypes don't lie, they are BIG men!)


Left: Sigma Kappa, Right: Delta Zeta... was totally invited to Delta Zeta house later on when we started talking to the girl at the Uni! We are IN! :P

Alpha Sigma Alpha.

The entertainment of the fire alarm... Ninga? I hadn't heard of it but it looked pretty cool. You have to hit the next persons hand with yours by doing ninga moves. Was funny to watch, but didn't participate, was too tired for that!

Alright, signing off, I miss you all, I'm getting excited to start my classes next tuesday, I went and got my books (which were super expensive) today, so I'll read  up on them a bit before classes start to get a bit of a head start and not to look like the ignorance Aussie :) 
I love you, 

Jess <3

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