Sunday, August 5, 2012

August 6th. Take 2.

Plane trip: long and boring and... did I mention long?? It was something like 12 hours and 40 minutes of long haul flight from Sydney to LA in a tiny seat where my knees hit the seat in front of me and the arm rail dug into my side because I was leaning on the window. Sigh. I had time to watch four movies, well, five really, I fell asleep during The Avengers (the worst movie to fall asleep during) and woke at the end… so replayed it! The compolation went something like: American Pie: The Reunion (because of Emma!), The Avengers (twice), The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and The Sapphires (true story about four aboriginal women singing for the American troops in Vietnam, starring Jess Mauboy. So very, very good, if you have the chance, go see it!), plus read, listen to the Lady Antebellum album, watch a few episodes of Glee… need I go on? Seeing the Monday morning sunrise over LA made it all worth it though, and took away most of the pain. (Until next time really, I’m just glad there’s a while in between flights!)
Hotel: A-maz-ing. 
Shower: Oh, lord. 
Food: Ahh *drool*. 
Beds: Too good to be true. 
Sleep time. 

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