Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August 7th and 8th

The set of Cars. 

Dad and I (and a random little kid)
The happiest place on earth. Disneyland. Three words: oh my God! The people, the rides, the atmosphere. It's kind of a combination between Morley Galleria  on a Saturday, the airport, and the royal show, but all on steroids. Or ecstasy. It is amazing yet utterly cringe worthy at the same time. The experience makes it all that you ever dreamed and more, but the masses of people make it awful! Maybe it's designed that way so you don't explode with exhilaration.
The mornings aren't too bad. Mum asked me wether it was what I thought it would be. It was only about 10.30am, so I said I thought it would be busier! It got busier! By lunch the walkways were shoulder to shoulder people. I don't like crowds, so working my way through them way blech!
Two days of this and I have surely had quite enough of these crowds. I've ridden the rides, I've hugged the characters, I've eaten more than I care to admit and my jeans are already feeling tight (two days! Two freaking days!) I'm done! Even if I wasn't, my ankle is ready to give up on me. Arse!

Oh, just to add a by the way, the flight left an hour late from Sydney, so got in at 7am, an hour late in LA. I really didn't mind, it meant that it was lighter over the city. The hotel room is beautiful! And was ready when we got there, a good 5 hours before check-in! I think I've mentioned this before but it was a blessing to shower! That day was a bit of a right off, we were all exhausted, but we did get to Disneyland that day! The shops part anyway. Downtown Disneyland, it's called, and you don't actually have to have a ticket to enter! Smartest idea ever!

I'm going to sign off with a few little pictures, and see if I can set up a video or two :)

<--  Bear Mountain.

Fangirling at Mater! 'Mater! I love you!!' hehe

 This is the World of Colour light show! Would you believe that is projected on water?! Brilliant! (Currently reminiscing about The Little Mermaid)

Teacups. Mum wouldn't come on this ride. She gets motion sickness. :P 

Making and idiot of myself with Pluto.

Still being an idiot with Mickey. (I then try to walk out the 'staff only' exit...
I blame Mickey for mesmerising me!) 

With Chip N Dale! (Dale's a real charmer! ha! So many kisses from him!!) 

And sweet country Minny (who persistantly showed her bloomers to the world, me thinks Minny may be a little bit of a tart... Mickey needs to watch out for that one!) 

Squirrel :P

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